If there's one thing that unites all 400+ Better Capital founders, it is a sense of commitment to building something that will deliver true, real, and tangible impact to our users - that is the purpose that drives us every day, through ups and downs, through the thick and thin and the gives us the power to show up every day. Without a deep sense of purpose, it is impossible to ride the roller coaster of entrepreneurship.

The clarity of purpose & focus on the impact you create should also help you put the lows in perspective so you count your blessings & always look at the brighter side - always. An important reminder in light of so many recent situations across our ecosystem.

This "impact delivered" video from Teachmint showcases an example of what Teachmint is enabling but it is ALSO representative of the impact that each of our 150+ teams is delivering to millions of users - from students to teachers to SMEs to shopkeepers to women to enterprises to factory owners and many many more segments of our society.

Let this impact be the driving force as you build with purpose in 2022.

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But we concluded that it was not worth iterating. There were structural issues that we’d not want to underwrite. It would be incredibly hard to build a large company even if we were lucky in finding a wedge or something. 

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Correcting Conviction

We invested in a pre-seed company with deep conviction around the market, a wedge with which we wanted to build a new product for that market, had clarity that the current alternatives were missing the mark and that a massive new category awaited us if we got the core right. 

And we were right - an early product quickly got users, word of mouth, WoW growth, supported by paid acquisition the top-line numbers were growing too - we unleashed the product roadmap for a quarter beyond which we said we’d laser focus on growth only. 

All seemed to be right - as right as it can get in the early days based on our experience across 100+ pre-seed bets we’ve taken. 

But we hit a roadblock when we started to focus on growth with the product fully built out for our V1. We had decent retention numbers but they were stalling. It felt like paid processes were holding the bottom. On speaking with users - several of whom we’d spoken with earlier too - we started seeing different nuanced signals which were invalidating our core thinking…and supporting the retention problem. 

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